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The newest elite prospects from IMG Academy are Trey Sanders and Noah Cain. The running back pair are doing teams dirty. Peep them going to work!
Shedeur Sanders may have his dad's name as his middle name, but that's not the only thing Deion passed down. Check out his mean skills on the field!
The Metro Classic is back and will be bringing some of the best high school players from across the nation together. What more do you want?
The holiday season has brought with it a series of gifts for us all. We present them to you in an all new Slam Season post.
Watch Wandale Robinson turn it up a notch and show everyone that he's on another level. He manages to make an entire team look like some practice cones.
90-yard TD. Yes, you heard that correctly. Watch this kid turn on the burners and smoke his entire opposing team.
This quarterback and wide receiver linked up for one of the most ridiculous catches of the year. Check out the insane play.
Looking for some more clips for your "Best Football Hits" highlight reel? Look no further. This player gets tucked into bed by his beast of an opponent.
Dude Perfect meets Barry Bonds. This guy manages to pull off one of the most epic home runs in the history of baseball. This is a must see!
AJ Thomas shows just how lethal he can be out on the field. This TD run has it all, jukes, ankle-breakers, numerous missed tackles, you name it.
Riley Smith has an impressive solo run which he ends off with a tasty reverse yam. But, there's a catch, he's a football player.
This outlandish TD pass will blow you away. Josh DeRocher pulls off one of the plays of the year with this DOPE falling toss.
This is what happens when you can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. This powerful tackle looked like it might have personal.
Lorenzo Lingard is everything you want in a running back and more. These epic plays will reassure Miami that recruiting him was a wise decision.
Are you ready to witness real magic? This wizard, who calls himself Ray Blackwell, pulled off an outrageous one-handed catch that would put Odell to shame.
Penn State commit Isaiah Humphries is an animal. This may look like something out of the WWE, but there was nothing fake about it.
Trevor Lawrence is making a serious name for himself in the football world. The top recruit and recent Clemson commit gives us a snippet of what to expect.
Demarii Blanks shows the opposition that he didn't come to play around. He makes running through an entire team look easy.
Be prepared to see one of the most creative plays of all time. A cheeky sequence of lateral passes straight out of The Longest Yard playbook.
A jaw-dropping display of quick thinking and sheer athleticism. This guy makes us question the laws of physics with this dirty football hurdle.
Joey Gatewood, a top high school QB prospect, shows off his repertoire and versatility on the field. He is out there taking on entire teams by himself.
Jerrion Ealy is turning heads in the US. The high school junior is a 2-sport athlete, playing both football and baseball. Not only that, he also happens to be a ranked recruit in both.
Jerrion Ealy is a top ranked, respected running back. However, there was nothing respectful about what he did to this team, and one player in particular.
This nasty catch will blow you away. Stephen Guidry, a wide receiver from the west coast, eclipses his opponent and snags it cleanly out the air one-handed.
This brutal football hit will make you feel as though YOU have a concussion. A truly cold-blooded tackle with no signs of remorse from the defender.
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