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Eddie Wagner has cerebral palsy and isn't allowed to fly. He's also a huge baseball fan. See how you can help get him to his first MLB All-Star Game.
Who makes a barehanded catch with the pitching hand? This guy did.
This amazing catch reverted the opponent's third-base coach back to a little kid.
This might go down as the most amazing foul ball catch ever.
If you're looking for a video that's sure to put you in a great mood, this video of a mom cheering on her son's first home run is just what you need.
This Camels United softball player in the UK is bringing some highlight-reel stuff! She just doesn't seem to be that impressed with herself.
This father son moment will bring tears to your eyes you'll be laughing so hard. Dad takes his son's adorable gift and, well, just watch.
The bat flip has a tendency to piss off traditional baseball fans -- i.e. your grandparents and parents. But this bat flip is so lit, who cares what they think.
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