Just because he’s all the way over in Lithuania doesn’t mean LaMelo Ball can’t keep throwing shade at his former high school team. This all started when Chino Hills took a 66-65 L to Los Osos last night, a squad who’s biggest claim to fame is letting up 92 to LaMelo. As fate would have it, the loss came just a day before the one year anniversary of LaMelo’s magical 92 point outing.

In true Melo fashion, he took to the timeline to remind everybody just how much has changed in that one year.


How does any Chino Hills player clap back at Melo for that one? They can’t. There’s absolutely no coming back from that one. Besides knocking down 35 footers, Melo's also unmatched at throwing shade and generally being a menace on the timeline. From clowning Kyle Kuzma to burying Chino Hills, I can't get enough of it.

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Since it's the anniversary of such a legendary night, any true Big Baller fan owes it to LaMelo to do a little something to celebrate this accomplishment. Just like the Overtime crew did on LaMelo's birthday, celebrate this day with 92 of everything. If you were going to have a few slices of pizza today, don’t have a few, have 92. If you planned on ordering a BBB shirt, order 92. 10 reps on the bench press? Nope, go 92. Give 100%? Give 92% today.

Happy 92 Day, LaMelo Ball!