Who's got it better than Noah Farrakhan this week? Noooobody. The man's been having a week for the ages to say the least, but when you got it like Noah it's just another seven days.

First, we caught up with Noah as he showed us around the stunning IMG Academy. After seeing that campus I'm thinking about pulling a Billy Madison and going back to school. Then, he went out and BALLED in IMG’s game broadcasted on Gatorade’s #TheDebut. He started the week cracking jokes with Overtime Larry and finished by chopping it up with Nate Robinson, now that's a good week.


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The broadcast crew was there so it was only right he give them a little extra something. Noah made sure to bring out the jelly AND the jam for this one.

Let's flashback to the beginning of the week when Noah was hangin' with Larry in Overtime's Off The Court series. He can jelly, he can jam, and he’s hilarious?! Is there anything this dude can’t do?