Just like his father, Shareef O'Neal OWNS the paint. However, Reef is an entirely different player and has all the tools to be the next great O'Neal. For starters, he has a quickness and length that most guards can't compete with. He's been putting these talents on display all year and in the latest Overtime Challenge.



It's scary to see Shaq raising such a beast, and Reef's relentlessness on the boards mimic that of his old man. Reef has a motor that won't quit, and he's been showing that on the defensive end as of late.


Shareef finishes extremely well around the basket and can really spread out the court with his range. Most importantly, as a defender, O'Neal's close outs are A1 to say the least.


https://itsovertime.com/p/8AKd.B.NM https://itsovertime.com/p/8AKd.B.NV

One of the best things we've seen out of  Shareef O'Neal lately, is the ability to instantly turn fantastic defense into offense for himself. Turning a block into a fast break is light work for Reef. Every day stuff! Sean Miller is going to be thrilled to have such a versatile player.


On top of all this, Shareef has all the swag off the court too. Check out what went down when Shareef and his little bro, Shaqir, hit the sumo dance battle.