HYPE HIGHLIGHTS🔥- Team Overtime Fortnite TEAMTAGE #1


Today on Team Overtime

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He did him DIRTY 😂😂 @otspadess
How many kills is this 🤔 Comment the right answer and I’ll follow some of you 😍
This montage is actually INSANE 😱
What is your favorite LTM? 🤔👀 @otnikiski
Watch until the end 🤭🤫 @inspyrefn
He hit BOTH of those!? 😧😱 @otspadess
What’s the LONGEST snipe you have ever hit 🤔🤔 @th3pacifist
Instant plane karma 😈😈 @th3pacifist
Well that’s one way to win a game 😳😳 @inspyrefn
Vehicles in Fortnite are INSANE 😱 @inspyrefn
THE TWO PIECE 🍗👨‍🍳 @otnikiski
Is this legally a 720? 🤔🤔 @otspadess