Clowns Pull Up To NYC Park & DESTROY Trash Talkers! Get Crazy Before HALLOWEEN

We went CRAZY on this one, tons of people crowded around the court and took flicks! Overtime Fam hooped on people while wearing Halloween costumes. Overtime Trey was the clown IT and dunked on EVERYONE! Overtime Mikey dressed up as Jigsaw and put on MOVES. Larry was talking SH!T as the Joker, and Overtime Pete was a lifeless zombie (watch for his crossover). Overtime Slam was Frankenstein... he didn't speak much. Overtime Zuck came in and saved the day as Batman. Whole squad was up in there. This really got wild. We pulled up to the court and suddenly 50 people were crowded around. You gotta check this out! What should we dress up as next? Let us know in the comments and we'll do it.

Posted October 29, 2018