Mac McClung On A Mission! “This Isn’t An All Star Game For Me. I Have A Lot To Prove.”

We headed to the Iverson Classic with our guy Mac McClung! Mac didn't receive an invite to the McDonald's or Jordan Brand games, so he came to Iverson with a big chip on his shoulder. He had a lot to prove. Mac crushed it in practice, at the massively hyped dunk contest, and in the game. It was EPIC! He's about to be a monster at G'Town. This is another episode in our series GAMEDAY where we visit some of the best high school's in the nation to see what's up. Big shoutout to Mac, his family, the Iverson Classic, and all the players! Also S/O to Johnnie Photography for the fire flicks. WHERE SHOULD WE HEAD NEXT!?

Posted May 6, 2018